Predictive Load™ Technology for Maximum Payload

LAS VEGAS (September 27, 2016) – Philippi-Hagenbuch will highlight its exclusive design technology, Predictive Load™, at booth 4609 during MINExpo 2016, as well as at a press conference at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27 in room N114. The system gives customers HiVol® Load Profiled® truck bodies optimized for maximum payload in their unique operation conditions. The Load Profiled system considers the materials to be hauled, types and sizes of equipment loading the material, and haul cycles to provide accurate real-world analysis of the loads. This provides an accurate guideline for the body design that, in addition to maximizing payload, also optimizes productivity as well as longevity of the equipment.

“Truck bodies take a beating day in and day out, from hauling iron ore and oil sands to rock and overburden,” said Leroy Hagenbuch, Philippi-Hagenbuch co-founder and chief engineer. “Ensuring they can withstand that abuse so customers get the most out of their equipment and achieve their highest productivity levels requires a deep look into the design, and that’s what this patented system allows us to do.”

PHIL’s Predictive Load system allows its engineers to match each customer’s operating conditions to a specific truck body design. They consider the style, composition and size of the truck body and how it contributes to optimal performance. As part of the process, engineers also work with the mine to obtain information on the type of material they haul, and load cycles. This allows PHIL to determine how abrasive and impact resistant the body must be. Understanding this combination of factors helps PHIL to model the stress the body will need to incur and choose steel that can withstand that day-to-day stress.

In addition, the system also considers loading height and the type of loading equipment the mine is using — cable shovel, hydraulic shovel or front-end loader — since each interacts with a truck body differently. Matching the truck body to the loading height and equipment minimizes damage to the loading equipment as well as the truck body’s sides. It also ensures optimal load centering, which improves the life of the truck chassis and tires as well as reduces damaging impacts from loads. For example, a front-end loader will throw material against the aft side of the truck body. Over time, the repetitive force of the materials causes significant damage to the truck body.

PHIL also ensures the truck body floor has the appropriate configuration and is angled correctly for sufficient dumping and the greatest practical chute dump clearance.

In addition to the Predictive Load system, PHIL uses finite element analysis to pinpoint high-stress areas in the design. This allows its engineers to know where higher strength steel and welds are necessary before production starts on the unit. This ensures each PHIL Load Profiled truck body meets customers’ needs and offers the greatest productivity and payload without overloading or unloading the truck.  

Customers looking for Load Profiled customization for their truck bodies may call 800-447-6464 to discuss their needs or request a quote online at

About Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.

Located in Peoria, Illinois, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. has been building equipment for off-highway haul trucks since 1969, and has become the global leader in off-highway truck customization. In addition to rear-eject bodies and trailers, Philippi-Hagenbuch designs and builds end-dump bodies, trailers, tailgates and water tanks for nearly every make and model of articulated and rigid frame off-highway truck. For more information, contact Philippi-Hagenbuch, 7424 W. Plank Road, Peoria, IL 61604, call 309-697-9200, toll-free 800-447-6464, fax 309-697-2400, email, visit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube


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   PHIL’s Predictive Load system allows its engineers to match each customer’s operating conditions to a specific truck body design.

PHIL’s Predictive Load system allows its engineers to match each customer’s operating conditions to a specific truck body design.

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